Product Code: CTS1516

Manufacturers PN: TB01A

Unit Of Issue: EACH

Item Description:

The STYLSMILE is a complete whitening experience using Blue Light technology, PAPtech and Sonic vibrations to clean and whiten teeth. Replace your brushing routine for whiter teeth with every brush. Teeth whitening occurs when stains from the tooth enamel are removed or the colour of the dentin underneath the tooth enamel changes. STYLSMILE aims to to do both, using PAPtech instead of peroxide. A Revolutionary light accelerated teeth whitening experience. Blue light has been proven to accelerate the whitening process. The STYLSMILE Toothbrush includes blue lights in the bristles to whiten with every stroke. The STYLSMILE toothpaste contains ‘phthalimido-peroxy-hexanoic acid’ or PAP, a powerful peroxide free whitening agent proven to whiten teeth. PAP also has anti-plaque and long lasting bacteria benefits. PAP does not release Hydrogen Peroxide hence it is compliant with EU Cosmetic Regulation. The STYLSMILE toothpaste, tastes just like regular toothpaste and contains everything recommended (including 1450ppm of fluoride) for healthy and clean teeth. It can be used twice a day as part of your daily routine AND also with the accelerator tray twice per week meaning you only have 1 tube. Toothpaste also sold separately. The two speed STYLSMILE toothbrush cleans at 32,000 or 20,000 vibrations per second to leave teeth clean. The STYLSMILE is usb rechargeable, lasts for approx. 25 days between charges and comes with two replaceable brush heads (standard and firm).
Contents: STYLSMILE Toothbrush, STYLSMILE Toothbrush head (soft), STYLSMLIE Toothbrush head (hard), STYLSMILE Toothbrush cap, STYLSMILE Blue Light accelerator mouth guard, USB power cable, STYLSMILE Toothpaste

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