Product Code: PER0625

Manufacturers PN: UDX29

Unit Of Issue: PER 6

Item Description:

Especially developed to enhance and whiten teeth and provide 12 hour fresh breath confidence. (Was Sensitive Daily Oral Rinse).
Clinically proven, with a combination of patented dual-action technology patented technology.

UltraDEX Whitening has been scientifically developed to enhance and whiten smile, eliminate bad breath instantly for 12 hours and also provide a protective shield over enamel, suitable for sensitive teeth. Helps remineralise teeth leaving them stronger and less sensitive. Used and recommended by dental care professionals. Enhances and whitens smile and restores natural whiteness to teeth. Clinically proven advanced iQ+ ActiveOxi Technology instantly eliminates, not just masks odour-causing compounds (Volatile Sulphur Compounds) for 12 hour fresh breath confidence. Protects teeth and gums by removing bacteria and helping to prevent plaque. Backed by extensive scientific research SensiShield Enamel Defence (with hydroxyapatite) helps remineralise teeth and provides a protective shield over enamel. Ideal for daily use or as part of a whitening maintenance programme.
Additional Benefits: Free from alcohol and chlorhexidine the rinse is safe and effective for long term daily use. Contains Sodium Monofluorophosphate (660ppm Fluoride) to help strengthen teeth. Mint flavoured. Registered with the Vegan Society.

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