Product Code: GCE5065

Manufacturers PN: 900761

Unit Of Issue: EACH

Item Description:

MIH (Molar Incisor Hypomineralisation) is a developmental dental defect affecting first permanent molars and sometimes also central incisors. The enamel present normal thickness at eruption, but is not fully mineralised and prone to caries and break-downs. The affected teeth can be very sensitive. The MIH kit contains all the relevant materials needed to treat MIH in its various stages and conditions.
Kit contains: MI Varnish™ Mint 0,44 g (0,4 ml) Unit-Dose x 3, MI Varnish™ Strawberry 0,44 g (0,4 ml) Unit-Dose x 3, GC MI Paste Plus Mint 40 g (35 ml) x 1, GC MI Paste Plus Strawberry 40 g (35 ml) x 1, G-ænial Universal Injectable A1 syringe, 1,7 g (1,0 ml) x 1, G-Premio BOND Unit-Dose (0,1 ml) x 5, EQUIA FORTE HT Fil A2 Capsule (0,10 ml) x 5, EQUIA Forte Coat 0,1 ml pro Unit-Dose x 5, Fuji II LC A2 Capsule (0,085 ml) x 5, Fuji TRIAGE Pink Capsule (0,12 ml) x 5, Dispensing Tip long needle x 10, Light Protection Cap x 2, Flowchart x 1

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