Product Code: CTS4482

Manufacturers PN: CD1736

Unit Of Issue: PK 50

Item Description:

Bio Paper cup has a PLA Lining - a resin made from corn starch. PLA is biodegradable and fully compostable. The PLA provides a water tight impermeable liner for hot or cold liquids which means the cup will not leak. PLA cup manufacturing has a lower carbon footprint when compared to standard plastic extruding and furthermore as it is made nearby in Europe it enjoys a lower transportation "co2" footprint then the majority of cups on the market which are made in the Far East. Most importantly it has the additional end-of-life disposable options of either commercially biodegrading or composting. The cup has a minimal "100% compostable message" printed on the side of the cup to make its eco credentials identifiable.
Disposal: the 7oz PLA Bio Paper Cup range can be collected with food waste (industrial composting facility required) and within 12 weeks processing they will biodegrade into a compost product that is ready to mix with soil to grow more plants.
73mm upper rim diameter x 50mm lower diameter x 80mm tall. Sleeve quantity 50 cups, case quantity 20 sleeves.

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