Product Code: DTS2422

Manufacturers PN: CD2006

Unit Of Issue: EACH

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The Purevac HVE Mirror Tip is a high volume evacuation tip with built-in dental mirror. This enables a one-handed approach to evacuate the patient’s oral cavity of aerosols, splatter, fluid, and debris, while also providing retraction, visibility, and illumination to the treatment area. Large bore opening to provide high volume evacuation. Built-in dental mirror designed to provide indirect vision and illumination to the worksite. Rounded and smooth edges. Inlet ports to provide continuous suction.

Creating an environment with fewer potentially harmful aerosols - in a research study, HVE removed up to 90% more aerosols during ultrasonic scaling compared to a low-volume saliva ejector.
Providing visibility and suction all in one hand - the Purevac HVE System enables a one-handed approach to evacuating fluid and debris while facilitating retraction, visibility, and illumination during multiple dental procedures.
Easier Maneuverability - 69% lighter and 130% more flexible than a standard HVE hose. 360 degrees of swivel.
Greater Fluid Reduction - 135% more than a low-volume saliva ejector.
Better Visibility - fog-free mirror with continuous suction of fluid and debris.
Reduced Noise - 14% less than a standard HVE tip and 5% less than a low-volume saliva ejector.

Fog-free dental mirror provides indirect vision and illumination to the work site. Rounded and smooth edges designed for retraction of the oral mucosa. Ports provide continuous airflow, reducing mucosal aspiration and risk of back-flow. Flexible, lightweight, kink-resistant hose (5ft. length). Autoclavable up to 100 cycles.

FS Rhodium variant is with a rhodium coating, a precious metal that is resistant to chemicals and acids.

Requires the Purevac HVE Hose Adapter for use.
1 pack of 6 Tips

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