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Manufacturers PN: CUR02223W

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Enhance your post-treatment care, and optimise the outcomes of your implant surgery, with a Curasept ADS Implant Pro Kit - for an at-home oral hygiene routine that successfully combines clinical efficacy and patient compliance. Patented ADS (Anti Discolouration System) technology making it an ‘anti-staining’ formulation. Alcohol free and SLS free.
Each kit contains: 1 x Curasept ADS Implant Pro Oral Rinse, 1 x Regenerating Gel, 1 x Implant Toothbrush and 1 x Bag.
Curasept ADS Implant Pro Oral Rinse: Patented anti-staining formula to provide patients with the intense antiseptic and anti-bacterial benefits of 0.20% Chlorhexidine - but with dramatically reduced tooth discolouration and taste disruption. Also containing Hyaluronic Acid and sodium DNA, it is specifically designed to reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing process by boosting the regeneration of the oral mucosa at a bio-cellular level. Curasept ADS Regenerating Gel: Topical gel with 0.50% Chlorhexidine and Hyaluronic Acid to provide intense antiseptic and anti-bacterial action to help support a sterile environment around the wound, and to help protect it from any infections, irritations and soreness. Curasept Implant Toothbrush: Single tufted brush perfect for the gentle application of gel around the wound. Recommended use: Use Oral Rinse twice a day (morning and night), and use the topical Gel up to four times a day as required. For best results, also use with Curasept ADS 720 Toothpaste.

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