Product Code: TEP3815

Manufacturers PN: 942385

Unit Of Issue: PER 14

Item Description:

A unique toothbrush with the same TePe quality, design and feeling as always, but made from 96% bio-based plastic. Thanks to the use of the renewable raw materials, sugar cane and castor oil, up to 95% of the carbon dioxide emissions are recirculated during its life cycle. It features a clever design with a tapered head and rounded bristles for great cleaning.
Handle: the TePe GOOD? is made from sugar cane. Sugars from the sugar cane plant are converted to ethanol, which is then converted into polyethylene. This is used to manufacture the bio-plastic (green plastic) toothbrush. Unlike fossil fuels, bio-based polyethylene (green plastic) made form sugar cane is renewable up to 96%. This means that sugar cane can be regrown within a year and be used to produce new bio-plastic. Bio-based polyethylene also has a 95% carbon dioxide neutral footprint. This means that there is an almost negligible impact on greenhouse gas emissions. The filaments are made from bio-based polyamide (based on castor oil or ricinoil) from 100% renewable sources.
Packaging: the blister pack is made from 70% recycled PET which has approx. 60% lower carbon dioxide emissions. The back card is made from FSC approved cardboard. Both can be widely recycled in the UK. Three Raised Cleaning Surfaces So That One Side Of The Tongue Cleaner Is Sufficient.

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