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Product Code: PIK1510

Manufacturers PN: EPLHPM

Unit Of Issue: EACH

Item Description:

Piksters HydroPik Mini Water Flosser delivers:
Cordless Convenience - Freedom of movement. No messy cords. Use anywhere in the bathroom, including the shower. Includes carry bag. Convenient 140ml water refill.
Effective Plaque Removal - Fast and efficient, easy to use. 3 power modes. No damage or pain to the gums as can occur with flossing. Cleaning between teeth where brushing cannot reach results in more plaque removal than manual brushing alone.
Improved Gum Health - Effective removal of plaque and maintain gum health. Removal of food debris may freshen your breath. A water flosser will get into areas that are hard to reach with a toothbrush. Piksters HydroPik water flosser cleans deep between teeth and below the gumline to remove food and bacteria. The pulsations (Pulse Mode) help dislodge food particles caught between the teeth.
Superior Cleaning Around Bridges, Implants, Braces, Crowns, Wires and Splints - Cleaning bridges, implants and orthodontic braces etc with a Piksters HydroPik is a lot easier than flossing, especially if a floss threader is required. Effective toothbrushing is a lot more difficult around braces, brackets and wires. Piksters HydroPik eliminates snagging of floss or toothbrush bristles.
Includes: 1 x HydroPik Mini Water Flosser, 4 x nozzles (standard, orthodontic, periodontal and tongue cleaner), 1 x USB-C charger, 1 x carry bag.

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