Product Code: TEP0209

Manufacturers PN: 154699

Unit Of Issue: BX 10

Item Description:

No.1 recommended interdental brush by UK dentists and hygienists, developed in close collaboration with dental experts, and made in Sweden. TePe brushes are designed to clean small gaps between your teeth where a regular toothbrush is unable to reach, preventing inflamed gums and cavities between the teeth. TePe brushes are far more convenient and easier to use than regular dental floss. The practical design with a long handle and a pre-angled slender neck allow for extra access to the back teeth. The plastic-coated wire helps ensure gentle cleaning around the gums, teeth and dental work. Ideal for braces, implants, crowns as well as your natural teeth. Handle is made from renewable sourced plastics and the packaging is 100% recyclable. Can be reused but advisable to change regularly. Box of 10 packs of 6 TePe Angle Interdental Brush Pink, Orange, Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. Includes one protective cap per pack

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