Product Code: WIS0022

Manufacturers PN: 2222ITA

Unit Of Issue: DZ

Item Description:

Easy To Use. Gives Gentle Yet Effective Interdental Cleaning Whilst Helping To Minimise Gum Trauma. Flexible Soft Rubber Sticks Slide Easily Between Teeth; Rubber Bristles Massage and Stimulate Gums, Helping To Remove Plaque and Food Particles.
Provides the complete solution for Interdental cleaning and Periodontal care. Unique curved profile which makes it easier to reach and to clean the posterior teeth. A broader thumb grip which makes the brush easier to manoeuvre. Thicker stem for extra strength. A truly ergonomic design for complete control as the DCP or Patient self-use at home. The new design has been clinically proven to remove plaque and reduce gum disease. Three sizes provide safe and accurate sizing for comfortable and effective use. 30 Wisdom Clean Between Interdental Pro brushes in a storage case.
All Wisdom Products Are Latex Free - Those That Use A ''Rubber-Like'' Material Are Manufactured Using Totally Synthetic Tpe (Thermoplastic Elastomers).

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