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Product Code: HUF4767

Manufacturers PN: SL3/49E2

Unit Of Issue: EACH

Item Description:

3/4 Langer Curette for maxillary posterior. Double-ended, easy-grip handle.
The Langer Curette design combines the benefits of a Universal Curette blade, and the shank designs of area specific Curettes.Available in EverEdge Technology, a revolutionary stainless steel alloy that is super-durable to stay sharper longer.
A Universal blade allows Instrumentation on both the Mesial and Distal surfaces with one Instrument.
The Gracey Style shanks allow adaptation on difficult Posterior Root surfaces.
Available in Handle options including EverEdge technology.
SuiTable for scaling and Root planing and Periodontal Surgery. Rigid Langer Curettes have a thicker shank diaMeter that provides greater rigidity for Heavy calculus removal. After Five Langer Curettes feature a Thinned blade that allows for easier insertion into deep, tight Periodontal pockets by the 3 mm extension of the terminal shank. Langer Mini Five Curettes feature a 50% Shorter blade for improved access and adaptation on narrow Root surfaces, Furcation areas, and narrow pockets by the 3 mm extension of the terminal shank.

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