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Product Code: PDT4688

Manufacturers PN: R111

Unit Of Issue: EACH

Item Description:

The PDT H5-33 Jacquette is designed for use in anterior areas with an H5 straight sickle scaler on one end coupled with a Jacquette 33 on the other end designed for use in anterior areas.
Weighing just 13 grams, PDT instruments are amongst the lightest on the market. Each instrument handle is made of solid resin that is both lightweight and durable. The unique pattern on PDT instruments is known as knurling. PDT’s knurling features a criss-cross pattern with wider gaps between the grooves. This configuration allows for thorough cleaning as particles and debris are easily dislodged during sterilisation. The knurling extends to the tapered end of the handle where it meets the shank; this provides complete tactile sensitivity. The changing pattern gives you greater rotational control - even when wet - and better pull force with a feather touch. This ergonomic design allows maximum comfort and significantly reduces strain on the fingers and wrists, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders over time.
PDT instrument tips are made from high-quality, 440A-grade stainless steel. Type 440A is a higher grade of cutlery steel with more carbon, allowing for better edge retention when properly heat-treated. Over the years, PDT has developed a unique heat treatment and cryogenics formula to improve the quality of its steel tips. PDT instruments average a Rockwell C hardness of 59. This results in sharper, harder, thinner blades that last longer and require far less sharpening.
Anatomically Colour-Coded - all PDT hand instruments are colour-coded for faster recognition and set-up.

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