Product Code: TEP5005

Manufacturers PN: CHLOSITE1

Unit Of Issue: EACH

Item Description:

Chlosite is composed of a new and innovative type of xanthan gel, researched and developed by Ghimas and combined with chlorhexidine. Is the only gel capable of discouraging, for at least two weeks, the recolonisation of bacteria at the application site. Is easily applied into the deepest portion of the periodontal pocket by means of a thin needle with rounded tip that will not traumatise the tissues. Thanks to the mucoadhesive properties of xanthan, it stabilises in the application site and adheres to the mucosal tissues of the defect. Acts as a sterile occluding medication at the site of application that impedes the recolonisation of bacteria responsible for periodontal diseases and peri-implantitis. Degrades spontaneously in the application site in 15-30 days and is well tolerated. Chlosite can be stored at room temperature, it is ready for use, and it is injected directly from the syringe into the pocket thanks to the thin rounded tip needle. After mechanical removal of the plaque, Chlosite is applied directly into the site, starting from the deepest portion of the pocket, and progressing up until the gingival margin. Chlosite guarantees an occluding barrier at the application site for at least 15 days. Unlike topical antibiotics, Chlosite does not induce bacterial resistance. Chlorhexidine is present in a concentration of 1.5% of which 0.5% is in the form of digluconate, 1.0% is in the form of dihydrochloride

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